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Welcome to


Kameshwar Eranki is an Amateur Astronomer, with interests in Astrophotography and exploring the Planets, Open Clusters, Double Stars, Globular Clusters, Nebulae and Galaxies (Messier Objects). Kameshwar is a Member of San Jose Astronomical Association (SJAA).

lukisan poster kebersihanlukisan poster kebersihan lukisan poster kebersihanlukisanlukisan TAC and fellow TACovians have been a great source of learning for me.The Hough Park Star Parties provided the first glimpse at the deep space objects and in the process increased the fascination to explore the Universe more and more.

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Sun -
is the largest object of the Solar System and is the light source of the Universe. We take a glimpse into Sun's Photosphere,Chromosphere, Sun Spots and Solar Prominences on Sun's surface.
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Moon -
Welcome to know earth's nearest neighbor and explore the lunar surface to identify the Mare(Seas's), Craters, Sinus(Bays), Lacus(Lakes), Palus(Marshes) and Oceanus Procellanum and many more objects.
Sun Moon
Lunar Eclipse Lunar Eclipse - Total Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth's shadow is cast onto the Moon. Lunar Eclipse is visible from any part of the earth where it is night. Celestron 8 inch SCT Equipment - Telescopes: Celestron 8" Schmidt Cassegrain (SCT) Telescope, with Star diagonal, 40mm Plossyl eyepiece, T-Rings, Adapter, and moon filters and 4.5 inch Reflecting Telescope with 7 X 30mm View Finder, Barlow Lens, 25mm eyepiece.
Lunar Eclipse Equipment

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