Total Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse Immersion into Totality - Moon is near to immersion into Totality. Still the Northerns part (above Palto) is slightly bright as the sunlight receeds. Lunar eclipse - Near totality Near Totality - Moon's surface near Totality. The entire moon's surface is now in Earth's shadow.
Total Lunar Eclipse Lunar Eclipse - Near Totality
Eclipse - Objects on Moon Objects on Moon - Even in Totality many objects such as Mare Frigoris, Mare Roris, Plato crater, Sinus Iridum, Mare Imbrium and Mare Tranquilitatis can be seen. Eclipse totality - Lunar Rays System Light Rays - appear weakened but are still recognizable. The identifiable light rays include Aristarchus, Kepler, Copernicus and Tycho.
Eclipse - Objects on Moon Eclipse totality - Lunar Rays System
Features on Moon Features on Moon - can be recognized even under Totality. Observable features include Grimaldi crater, Oceanus Procellarum, Lacus Epidemiarum and Mare Nubium. Marias Maria - Even at Totality, Mare Numbium, Mare Humorum, Oceanus Procellarum can be seen through the engulfed darkness.
Features on Moon Marias
Moon Exiting Penumbra Moon exiting Umbra - Copernicus Crater is emerging out of Umbra. Rest of the moon still in darkness.
Moon Exiting Umbra
Telescope: Celestron 8" Schmidt Cassegrain (SCT) Telescope, with 44mm Plossyl eye Piece.