Telescopes and Instruments

Telescopes and Instruments Used

  • Celestron 8" Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope (SCT) on Equitorial Mount (no drives)

  • 1-1/4" 25mm Plossl Eyepiece

  • 6x30 Finderscope

  • Star Diagonal

  • Celestron Solar Filters (made with Baader Astro Solar Film)
  • 4 inch Refracting Telescope, with 25mm eyepiece

  • Moon Filters

  • T Rings

  • T Adapters

  • Celestron 7 X 50 mm Oceana CF Binoculars
  • Olympus OM-1 Manual SLR, with 35mm-70mm Lens and Cable Release

  • Nikon FM 100 - Manual SLR with 35mm-70mm Lens

  • Canon EOS 10D Rebel Digital SLR

  • Pictures taken through Canon EOS 10D are enclosed. Thanks to my friend Karthikeya Maddali for giving his camera to experiment in taking Astrophotos. Pictures taken through Olympus and Nikon camera have been printed, but they need to be scanned and uploaded. (Expecting to do this at a later date).